Tips On How To Effectively Market Your Tattoo Services

Getting clients as a tattoo shop is not an easy task. First, there is fierce competition from fellow tattoo artists within your area. Secondly, the tattoo business tends to be a one-time product. Although some clients may come back for a full sleeve, most people are satisfied with a single tattoo they have been dying to have their entire life. Therefore, you have to develop a marketing plan that will focus on your reputation. If your community knows that you offer the best and safe tattoos, they will naturally come to your shop. Below are the tips on how you can market your tattoo shop;

Use Visual Social Media

Your clients will always want to know what they are getting into. An active social media presence will help you showcase your designs. However, before posting the photos online, always seek your client’s consent. You can also request them to post the photos after the ink color has come through. Instagram and Pinterest are the platforms to use often, but Twitter and Facebook are equally important. Moreover, try to stay relevant on social media with new content and short videos. You can offer advice or information to your client in addition to showcasing your services. Use unique hashtags and share work from visual artists and local musicians in a smart way.

Focus on Branding

So, what to look for when choosing a tattoo shop? Since the competition is stiff in the tattoo industry, you need the branding to make your shop appear reputable and well-established. As such, invest in a smooth website that shows your professional portfolio. Furthermore, have consistent brand colors and imagery on all your social media profiles and promotional materials. The aim is to form a brand that you can spot miles away. It will be better to hire a professional designer to get you a standardized logo with a color palette to use on all your print materials to achieve this.

Sell Promotional Items

You did not get into business to sell lanyards, t-shirts, hats, and fridge magnets. However, the branded items have become a great way to promote business, and your tattoo shop is no exception. Your favorite client may have to cover up the sleeves for work but will be glad to rock your branded t-shirt outdoors. Moreover, if you get creative with your swag, you might create another secondary market for your shop. Better still, you can sell your promotional items online or partner with local musicians. Remember, a customer browsing on your online store for that cool hat may end up coming for a tattoo down the line.

Local Festivals

Finally, you can try having a stand at local festivals, concerts, or tattoo conferences. You can think through events your ideal customers may wish to attend. For instance, if your brand has a presence at metal concerts in your city, you will be the first shop they will think of when they want to get a tattoo. Furthermore, you can consider giving out free swag items to performing artists at the event. When the audience sees their favorite singer wearing your t-shirt on stage, they are likely to visit your stand outside the event and will keep the name of your brand in mind.